Over 2,000 Hyfire Wireless Devices Commissioned in Super-Quick London High-Rise Installation

Hyfire protects 4 London towers after extremely quick installation

Four landmark London towers are now benefiting from cutting edge fire protection thanks to Hyfire wireless devices, which were installed in record time thanks to a partnership between Hyfire, installers Gemini AMPM and FirstPort, the property management specialists.

With up to 25 floors, the Elektron Tower, Proton Tower, Neutron Tower and Switch Tower together form a landmark development on the banks of the Thames in Tower Hamlets, comprising 497 apartments in total. With fire system upgrades required outside the normal schedule of improvements to the buildings, wireless was an obvious choice, helping to limit time on site and reducing impact on the fabric of the building.

Jamie Dawson, Director at Gemini AMPM, commented: “With the requirement to install the upgraded system in an occupied building, wireless was the obvious choice, and Hyfire wireless devices are the best in the business. The original schedule to install the 2,000 individual detectors, call points, sounders and other wireless devices was six weeks, but we managed it in four thanks to the ability to pre-programme devices offsite and install them in minutes, with around 90% less cabling required.

“Our installers worked seamlessly with the Hyfire team, who helped us to pinpoint the exact number of devices required and where they should be located. The onsite property managers from FirstPort helped facilitated us working across the four buildings and liaised with residents, ensuring we could gain access to 99% of apartments within the four-week schedule.”

Taurus is a completely new range of high-performance wireless detection, control and alarm devices, based on a new protocol that offers unprecedented capabilities, quality and reliability. Combining unrivalled performance with the user-friendly survey, install, commissioning and maintenance software, TauREX, Taurus brings a step-change to the wireless sector. The range is fully certified to EN54 and fully compliant with BS5839 Part 1. Standard addressable or conventional fire panels are wired via a loop to translators, from which wireless devices can be used on their own to build fully wireless systems of virtually any size, or mixed with Hyfire wired products to provide seamless hybrid solutions, offering total flexibility to specifiers and installers.

Ollie Murray, Regional Sales Manager at Hyfire, said: “Since the launch of Taurus earlier in 2021, more and more installers have been discovering the benefits that wireless fire devices can offer. This is just one example of a project where fire system installations are made simpler and quicker, which is particularly beneficial in situations where buildings remain occupied. Whereas the upfront cost of the unit may be a little higher, the savings on running wiring loops and making good after are also considerable, so the cost/benefit analysis in favour of using wireless is highly favourable, and that’s before you even consider the other benefits.

All Hyfire products are developed by fire industry pioneers in Trieste, Italy, the global centre for wireless fire device design. The Taurus range includes all devices required to build a fully wireless commercial fire system, including optical, multi-criteria and heat detectors, manual call points, wall sounders, sounder bases and output/input modules. The Taurus translator can process up to 128 devices, with expanders that can extend the range of the system by up to 1km in open air. This effectively means that the scale of the system is limited only by the number of devices that the fire panel can handle.

Tony Ulasi, Development Manager, FirstPort, said: “Installing a new fire system across these four landmark towers is a huge operation. We needed to work closely with a trusted supplier that could provide a cost-effective solution, whilst going above and beyond to minimise disruption to our tenants during the pandemic. From the beginning of the project Gemini AMPM ticked all the boxes – from product selection, to design, to installation. As a result, we have been able to prioritise safety, whilst achieving considerable cost savings.”

Hyfire was launched in 2007, bringing to market some of the first commercial wireless detection and alarm devices fully certified to EN54. Since then, the Hyfire brand has become synonymous with quality, reliability and innovation in the commercial fire sector. Hyfire Taurus devices are available for Advanced or Kentec panels and come with a five-year warranty, backed up by a dedicated partner programme, to ensure the best survey, installation, commissioning, after sales service and exceptional technical support.

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