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Technical Training

Training plays a vital role in the successful installation and commissioning of any system. This becomes even more important as systems get ever more technologically advanced. Good quality training will improve commissioning times, reduce return site visits and leave the client with a feeling of confidence in both the system and technicians involved. Training is also the only way for an installer to prove competence should they be asked to.

For these reasons, Hyfire has invested heavily in a comprehensive partner training program. Our training is free of charge and covers all aspects of the sale, design and installation of the Hyfire system. Booking is available to Hyfire Partners only.

Contact us to find out how to become a Hyfire Partner.

Book a course

If you are a Hyfire Partner, select below the course of your choice to check for availability and to book your place (simply click on the date you are interested in and follow the registration process).

For any further questions about training please contact our technical team on 01926 485935 or by email to

As well as offering technical training to our distribution network Hyfire is approved to provide CPD accredited training on the current and upcoming wireless standards. This training is ideal for consulting engineers, architects or any professional who finds themselves involved in the specification or design of fire systems. You can find more information about available CPD events here.

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