Single Loop Fire Alarm Control Panel - HY-GO series


The HY-GO panels are the next step in intelligent single loop fire alarm systems.  Its innovative design includes several safety improvements and upgrades to critical safety features.  It still retains all the benefits and user friendly features of significantly larger system orientated fire panels.

An ergonomic layout of the control panel is combined with a high resolution, high contrast, graphical LCD display.  The tactile keypad allows simple arrow guided select-and-click programming for efficient engineer configuration as well as providing the end user with simple operation for day to day activities.

  • Dedicated Hyfire (Argus) protocol
  • 3 Year warranty
  • Advanced graphical LCD user interface and support for up to 50 fire zones by default allowing full EN54 compliance without additional hardware
  • Integral 15 Programmable zonal LEDs ensuring BS5839 compliance and 14 system LEDs.  An additional 35 software indication zones.
  • 500 Fire & 5000 General event logging supported by diagnostic and fault-finding tools
  • Dedicated USB Type B port for direct PC or modem connection
  • Future proofed ethernet connectivity
  • Optional 3 monitored Input/Outputs for Fire/Fault routing (with additional peripheral bus adapter and routing card) for full EN54 compliance when connected to an Alarm Receiving Centre
  • Two on-board sounder outputs, three on-board Relay outputs
  • Graphical display and panel configurable for multiple languages
  • Installers logo application
  • Installer friendly auto-learn and loop detection complete with onboard fault-finding tools
  • Robust removable chassis, simple plug-in connectors and an innovational ‘no hinge’ removal door for easier installation
  • Meets EN54-13 (2020) Clauses & for complete peace of mind


1-2 Loop Fire Alarm Control Panel


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