Hyfire’s Partner Programme: a mutually beneficial safety network

The Partner programme is our most important focal point in the UK – says Ollie Murray, Hyfire International Director – it’s our key route to market and having an intimate relationship with our partners allows us to support their business.

Hyfire’s wireless systems are innovative and unique devices capable of ensuring maximum efficiency with minimal disruption and easy deployment. In order to provide our partners a product fit for varied use, such as: schools, hotels and historical sites, Hyfire has created a network of accredited partners which span the whole of the UK and Ireland.

Hyfires commitment to increasing compliance in the industry with the Taurus product range is to partner with companies holding 3rd party accreditation. Hyfire International Director, Ollie Murray, explains how «all of our partners go through a live training programme with our technical training team. We ensure all of our partners are provided with in-depth product training, ensuring they are competent to install the Taurus product».

Another way Hyfire supports their partners is through the suite of CPDs they offer. Each CPD is in support of key market verticals that Hyfire operates in, for instance in high rise residential blocks, schools and care homes.

Ollie Murray also shared the key benefits companies would obtain through the partnership. «For one thing, Hyfire works along with consultants and end users to maximise the key benefits of Taurus, according to each project’s specification». Furthermore, partners are invited to join our innovation process in collaborative fashion which, as Murray says «isn’t something everyone in the industry gives».

As a matter of fact, Taurus will be getting an update later in the year, following the feedback from partners. Among these many perks of being a partner, there’s the opportunity to travel and take part in team building events around the world.

The customer also benefits from this partnership as Hyfire places itself on the crossroads between innovative technology in the industry and those who put safety ahead of everything else.

The backbone of this programme is mutual trust, Murray is adamant in describing the collaboration as a partnership not just a transactional relationship. Hyfire’s strength is its network, which spans the entirety of the UK & Ireland. It’s a UK-based business, with UK-based customer service and technical support teams and whose partners are companies and specialists that provide localised support. Through this network partners don’t only get the aforementioned benefits and support but they are also provided with access to case studies which promote their businesses.

The partner programme is a key contributor to Hyfire’s success: «it’s our key route to market – explains Murray – by having this intimate relationship with customers and being able to understand their business and support them, we’re able to recognise opportunities and act accordingly». When it comes to safety it’s important to increase compliance and standards the programme guarantees that Hyfire’s wireless systems will reach everyone across the UK but also that the installation is done by accredited specialists who operate locally.

Furthermore, this same scheme is replicated across all countries Hyfire operates in: Italy, Norway and South Africa. «The people that we have at Hyfire are fantastic, and we couldn’t do it without them. But having that close relationship with the partner network is 100% a key contributor to our success and reliability.

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