Hyfire Delivers World First with Wireless Tri-Sensor

Leading fire systems specialist Hyfire has unveiled the world’s first commercial wireless EN54-31 compliant tri-sensor detector, combining CO, dual-path optical smoke and heat sensing technologies in a single compact unit that is compatible with the company’s Static range.

Developed in Italy using the latest fire detection technology, the new tri-sensor unit represents a unique offering in the wireless marketplace. It uses advanced algorithms to ensure early detection and notification of fire situations, as well as helping to facilitate effective cause and effect programming through its ability to monitor multiple aspects of the fire, which also helps to avoid false alarm incidents.

“Any combustion process generates a combination of smoke, heat and gases, depending on the combustible material and the progression of the fire,” said Tom Crane, UK Business Unit Manager for Hyfire. “Our multicriteria device rapidly detects fire signatures at the different combustion stages, providing reliable alert and evacuation signals to building occupants and smartly rejecting unwanted fire alarms.

“Heat sensing identifies the rise in temperature that is caused by a fire and dual path optical sensing responds to grey/black smoke, while the gas sensing is able to detect carbon monoxide at the early smouldering combustion stages, often before full combustion actually develops.”

Typical applications for the wireless tri-sensor detector span from industrial workshops and warehouses, to hospitals, theatres or nightclubs, to offices and data centres. The unit can be configured to suit different monitoring environments, with the sensitivity of the optical smoke and heat sensing features adjustable to suit the specific installation. For example, in a nightclub the smoke sensitivity might be low and the thermal sensitivity high, while in a bedroom or dormitory both settings might be high.

Tom added: “The tri-sensor detector is fully compliant with EN54-31, which considers two possible operative modes, NT and MT. The device can be programmed for one of the two categories to respond to specific environment requirements. When the detector is programmed as category NT, it allows an alarm condition if any of the stimuli processed through the multi criteria algorithms exceeds the selected time and amplitude thresholds; When it’s programmed as category MT, the alarm condition requires at least two of the sensed environment stimuli exceeding the same thresholds.”

Hyfire was launched as Sterling Safety Systems in 2007, bringing to market some of the first commercial wireless detection and alarm devices fully certified to EN54. Since then, the Hyfire brand has become synonymous with quality, reliability and innovation in the commercial fire sector. Hyfire devices come with a five-year warranty, backed up by a dedicated partner programme to ensure the best survey, installation, commissioning, after sales service and exceptional technical support.



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