Hyfire Wireless Fire Devices Selected for a Landmark Office Building in Stavanger

Following a successful partnership with Norwegian fire systems pioneer Holta & Håland Safety, Hyfire has announced the completion of a second groundbreaking project featuring its world-leading Taurus wireless fire devices at Randabergporten, a landmark office building located in Randabergveien, Stavanger.

A total of 35 Hyfire wireless devices, connected to an Advanced MxPro fire panel, were installed in the commercial and industrial building, made of concrete, with concrete floor dividers. Which was constructed in 2010. The system is now used not only for fire detection but also for the release of INERGEN gas extinguishant. If two wireless detectors are in alarm, the Hyfire wireless input/output modules will activate the solenoids on the gas bottles, and release INERGEN gas.

“We’re thrilled to showcase the capabilities of the Hyfire brand through this unique installation, which happens to be in our own building” said Torger Nordbø, Project Engineer at Holta & Håland Safety. “We completed a detailed site survey using Hyfire’s TauREX software to ensure optimal locations for detectors, translators, and expanders, resulting in a robust and reliable connection. The ease of installation and the system’s reporting features are a significant benefit for both us as installers and our end client.”

“The wireless system was integrated into the building for comprehensive testing and presentations, functioning as a full-scale demo and test facility, as well as a live and active fire system. Despite numerous changes and alarms due to its daily use, the system has proven its resilience and demonstrated flawless operation.”

Karleif Holta, General Manager of Randabergporten, remarked: “The Hyfire system has exceeded our expectations in every aspect. The convenience of wireless installation, the adaptability of the system to our building, and the safety it ensures for our tenants are second to none. We’re happy to be serving as a showcase for this technology and looking forward to witnessing the further impact of Hyfire devices in the Norwegian marketplace.”

Tom Crane, Hyfire International Director, shared: “We’re delighted with the positive feedback from our second project with Holta & Håland Safety. As more installers and end clients in Norway recognise the logistical and cost benefits of wireless fire technology, we anticipate seeing more Hyfire devices integrated into fire systems across the country.”

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