Church Leaders’ Prayers Answered with New Hyfire System

A Nottingham Church that had a lucky escape from fire is now being safeguarded by cutting edge Taurus wireless fire devices from Hyfire.

Following a minor blaze at the Heart Church in Talbot Street, which was rapidly dealt with, insurers requested an upgrade of the fire system at the premises, and church leaders were understandably keen to ensure the building was adequately protected, for the reassurance of their staff, volunteers and the wider congregation.

Working with APS Fire & Security Ltd, the Hyfire team designed and specified a Taurus wireless fire system that was fitted rapidly in only a few days, with minimal disruption to the daily operation of the building, which is used for community activities and church meetings, in addition to weekly services.

The use of the latest Taurus wireless devices also helped to avoid the issue of asbestos in some areas of the building, which might have complicated the installation of a traditional wired fire system, as well as overcoming complexities in the structure and layout of the premises.

Church leaders are highly satisfied with the new Hyfire system, which offers them all requisite protection and a fully compliant system, with none of the disruption to the fabric of the building that a wired system would have created.

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