Hyfire Taurus Conventional Expander Module With Display


The TAU-CEMD-01 Hyfire Taurus Conventional Expander Module has been designed to allow the integration of wireless detection and alarm type field devices onto almost any type of system. Regardless of whether thesystem is intelligent or conventional the unit can besimply connected to a conventional zone and sounder circuit, directly or via loop modules. The device includes a display compliant with UNI 9795, to visualise alarms and faults. The wireless field devices connect to the system as non-addressabledevices, but still utilise the same technology as Taurus intelligent wireless devices. They are fully monitored foralarm and fault, ensuring the highest levels of lifesafety and reliability are maintained. All wireless communications rely on a channel pair for spurious RFnoise rejections and maximum link reliability.

  • Bi-directional wireless communication
  • External PSU powered
  • Internal antennae design protects fromenvironmental conditions, vandalism, accidental damage or misuse
  • Low current consumption
  • Devices are fully monitored for alarm and fault
  • Compatible with up to 15 expander modules (8 hops)
  • Compatible with wide range of conventional andaddressable systems
  • Site programmable via internal keypad, or viawireless or wired PC connection
  • 8 pairs of network channels
  • Dual channel redundancy
  • Long communication range (≅1 km in open air)
  • Easy scan & link programming option
  • 3rd party approval to EN54-18 and EN54-25
  • 5 year product warranty


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