Intelligent Sounder Interface Module


The HFI-SIM-01 Intelligent Sounder Interface module is designed for use with the Hyfire range of modular wall sounders and sounder beacons. When either the conventional sounder or sounder beacon are fitted with this module they can then be installed directly onto any Hyfire compatible intelligent loop. Once installed on to an Hyfire compatible loop the device is fully addressable and benefits from an extensive range of intelligent control and monitoring functionality.

  • Flexible Modular Design
  • Third party approved to the requirements of EN54-17 and EN54-18
  • Built in short circuit loop isolation
  • Intelligent two stage alarm capability
  • Fits Hyfire modular wall sounders and Sounder Beacons
  • Easy to install
  • Manual and Auto addressing options
  • Optional Microphone self test facility


Conventional Wall Sounder VAD

Conventional Wall Sounder


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