Hyfire Launches the ‘Taurus Survey Kit Lite’: The Go-to Tool for Smaller Fire Systems

Hyfire Introduces the ‘Taurus Survey Kit Lite’: The Essential Tool for Smaller Fire Systems

Leading wireless fire system innovator Hyfire unveils its latest offering, the Taurus Survey Kit Lite. This simplified version of the acclaimed Taurus Survey Kit is specifically tailored to streamline the process of expanding existing systems and setting up smaller-scale systems.

By prioritising simplicity without compromising quality, the Taurus Survey Kit Lite is a powerful tool for smaller translator based systems only, resulting in a swift and efficient tool tailored to its intended purposes. This means time savings and reduced complexity for installers and specifiers on less complex jobs.

Dave Henderson, Hyfire’s Product Manager, stated, “The Taurus Survey Kit Lite addresses the practical needs of our diverse clientele. When the task involves quick additions or setting up smaller systems, the ‘Lite’ version proves to be an invaluable asset. It’s designed for simplicity, efficiency, and ease of use, ensuring that smaller installations are swift and hassle-free. While we innovate, our core commitment remains unchanged: full survey support and top-notch technical assistance for every Hyfire product. With the Taurus Survey Kit Lite, installers can expect a tool that is both nimble and reliable.”

Hyfire continues to offer the fully-featured Taurus Survey Kit alongside the new release, complete with comprehensive survey support and technical assistance for both options. It’s important to note that these two products serve different needs and are complementary, allowing customers to choose the most suitable solution for their specific requirements. Regardless of your needs and choice, the ability to conduct pre-installation surveys and pre-program devices prior to installation can lead to substantial time and cost savings.

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