Wireless (Static) Multi-Sensor Fire Detector


The HFW-MA-05 is a high-performing wireless multi-sensor fire detector. It sports the latest in wireless multi-criteria detection technology, enabling unparalleled versatility and fire security for buildings.

It is an intelligent device, compatible with Static wireless Translator and Expander modules. The wireless multi-sensor fire detector detector is designed for open area protection, such as offices and commercial buildings, and combines both dual-path smoke and heat detection technologies for improved performance, whilst maintaining the high levels of unwanted alarm rejection. Each sensor can be fine-tuned separately, so that it can be tailored to each premise.

Using well-proven adaptive radio signal processing algorithms, the wireless multi-sensor fire detector ensures that the highest levels of life safety and system reliability are achieved. An in-built magnet test allows easy activation to verify correct functionality and response. It comes equipped with 3 LEDs (red, green, amber) to signal its functioning and whether some problems arise in the device, allowing quick and easy troubleshooting. Furthermore, it is simple and fast to install, and the batteries can last up to 10 years.

This device is made for the Static fire system. The TAU-MC-01 is Hyfire’s latest multi-sensor fire detector designed to be used with our best-performing Taurus wireless fire protection system.

  • Advanced dual-path optical chamber design
  • Internal algorithm processing optimises performance
  • 3rd party approved
  • Up to 10 year battery life
  • Uses standard low cost lithium battery technology
  • Multiple smoke and heat sensitivity settings for versatility
  • Bi-directional wireless communications
  • Compatible with all Hyfire wireless translators and expanders
  • Complies with the latest multi-sensor standard EN 54-29
  • 5 year product warranty
  • Device identification tab
  • Twin alarm LEDs for 360° visibility





Wireless (Static) Dual Optical Smoke Detector

Wireless Sounder Base

Wireless Sounder Base/Visual Indicator

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