Mains Rated Relay Unit


The Hyfire HFI-OM-240-01 relay unit upgrades a standard HFI-OM-RM-01 output module to a unit capable of switching mains voltages and higher currents. Utilising an existing module for communication, control and monitoring functions means the unit is fully compatible with all panels supporting the Hyfire loop protocol. The unit can easily be upgraded to a wireless variant by adding the HFI-240EOL-01 end of line module and connecting to a HFW-BOM-03 wireless output module. The units are perfect for switching mains voltage to equipment such as dampers and sound systems or where higher current switching is required at lower voltages

  • 250V Mains voltage switching capacity
  • Utilises the highly reliable Hyfire digital protocol
  • Robust design
  • Compatible with all Hyfire protocol systems
  • Optional IP65 enclosure
  • 5 year product warranty
  • Single set of heavy duty change over contacts
  • No PSU required
  • Wired and wireless variants available


Intelligent Relay Module (Mini Mount)

Wireless Single Channel Battery Powered Output Module


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