Church Leaders’ Prayers Answered with New Hyfire System

A Nottingham Church that had a lucky escape from fire is now being safeguarded by cutting edge Taurus wireless fire devices from Hyfire.

Historic Medieval Church Get Hyfire Wireless Protection

One of Ireland’s largest and most architecturally significant churches is now protected by cutting edge devices from global wireless fire detection and alarms leader, Hyfire.

Rare Historic Railway Carriages Get Hyfire Wireless Protection

Some of the oldest and most prized heritage railway carriages in the UK, housed at the internationally-renowned Severn Valley Railway, are now benefitting from enhanced protection thanks to cutting edge wireless fire devices from Hyfire.

Historic Care Home Protected by Hyfire Wireless Devices

An historic care home in the heart of the Garden of England is now being protected by Hyfire wireless fire devices, which were installed with minimum disruption to staff and residents. 

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